Last week on our Instagram account, we did a lot of talking about landing pages, (if you missed it, check it out, it was good stuff). As marketers, there’s a lot of talk about landing pages, but if you’re new to marketing, or moving at the speed of light because things are so busy, you may not have the understanding or time to think about the importance of the landing pages you’re working on. Let’s take a look at why they’re a critical tool in your marketing arsenal.

Think of landing pages as your free, personal salesperson

There’s a whole lot of noise out there when it comes to selling - and make no mistake, you are always selling.. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to generate interest in your product or service, or if you’re a for-profit or non-profit business: you are competing for dollars with everyone else.

When you have an offer, promotion, new service, new product, ebook, downloadable worksheet - anything you want to highlight to generate leads - a landing page functions as your free, personal salesperson to get the job done. Here's why that is:

  • They focus on your offer, not your business
  • They target a specific audience
  • They drive lead generation from multiple platforms (email, social, direct mailers)
  • They collect specific information about potential customers for your business
  • They give your offers and promotions a home
  • They increase the optimization of your website when you use SEO keywords in the copy

Create your landing page, but do it well

Now that you know how much landing pages can help your business, you’re probably thinking it's time for you to design your own. Before you do, but make sure you read about landing page best practices and plan your landing page accordingly before putting one up. Poorly-executed landing pages can do more harm than good, just like how a bad salesperson can make a terrible impression when you walk into a store.

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