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Project Overview

Coumba Win optimized the Securities Training Corporation's admin dashboards during a dual-pronged admin & student-side project.

After a UX discovery phase, we worked with Senior Vice President John Marucco and other stakeholders to define goals for the project, including surpassing key competitors to win business from top investment banking clients. For a UX KPI, we aimed to improve the dashboard to a SUS of 68, which is the industry standard for passing UX. After that, we started the design phase which included prototyping, user flows, and user interviews.

After blowing past our goal of achieving a satisfactory SUS score (increased from below 60 to 98 out of 100), we presented to key stakeholders and assisted the development team in implementing the designs.

John was very pleased with the results, as he expressed in a meeting late in the project after real STC clients had gotten a chance to play with our prototypes: "Everyone I showed it to was asking 'When can we get it? When can we get it?' They had nothing but heaps of praise. They thought your designs were absolutely beautiful and next generation.... They thought it would be better than our competitors."