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Butterfly Superfoods co-founder Jared Talla needed an e-commerce website to sell his all natural nut butters. We wanted the site to be fun and exhuberant to reflect Jared's passion for his business and product, while also being easy to navigate, attractive and professional. He already had his logo and basic branding down before coming to me, so it was our job to put those into action through intuitive design! Something else that makes this project unique is that it is actually one of the sites we've developed using Wordpress. Although the platform carries significant templating and theme limitations, Wordpress can be the right choice if a wide array of third-party implementations plus e-commerce and CMS are required on a more limited budget, or if 100% from-scratch custom design would not be ideal given all considerations. I certainly think we surpassed the restrictions of the platform with this website, and that it shines Jared's passion through from the very first glance. Go ahead and check them out at the link provided! And don't be shy to purchase some nutbutter. I can vouch for the great taste because they sent me two jars!

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