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Gus Sacks Director of Photography Website UX, UI Design & DevelopmentGus Sacks Director of Photography Website UX, UI Design & DevelopmentGus Sacks Director of Photography Website UX, UI Design & DevelopmentGus Sacks Director of Photography Website UX, UI Design & DevelopmentGus Sacks Director of Photography Website UX, UI Design & Development

Project Overview

We often speak with clients about UX -- what it is, why it's important, and the results that can be achieved because of it. Well Gus' website is a perfect example of that.

Gus Sacks is a talented Director of Photography out in Hollywood. Gus came to us with a challenge in mind, which he had not seen met by any other website for a DP/Director/Cinematographer or other reel-based showcase site, anywhere. Gus understood that friction reduces conversion, and in the case of a visual reel website, scrolling creates friction!

In UX, we knew we had to come up with a plan for a custom website solution whereby scrolling, on desktop AND mobile, was strictly forbidden. This challenge was heightened by our goal to exchew scrolling while displaying four separate collections of videos based on project type, not to mention the project details themselves, and the ability to present projects with multiple videos in the same compact presentation format. After all, while directors and producers want to see a DP's breadth of work, their main concern is with the type of work they are currently hiring for.

What we discovered during the UX process was that a solution did actually exist for this set of constraints, involving a beautifully simple grid-focused landing page, multiple conditional filtering systems, per-project navigation overlays, multi-video switching tabs, a hybrid CMS/cardinally-static page site architecture, and a LOT of custom transitions and animations.

Check out our final result at the live link! The landing page intuitively lets the user select between different film categories, and the highlighted categories can be clicked to toggle project details. This project details navigator handles single-video projects, multi-video projects, and stills-collection projects with grace, and you guessed it -- no scrolling.

The user doesn't need to think about the rules of engagement for this customized display system. And Gus can update, edit, and switch out his projects any time as he get new work under his belt. That is the power of a UX-first approach.

The end product for Gus' website involves over 300 custom animations encompassing 2000+ conditional element interactions, but even simplest website builds benefit from the UX process. That's because it's all about what value you deliver to which users. If you get that right from the beginning, aligning your business goals with those of your customer basewhen determining each and every feature of your backend architecture, your website frontent design + functionality, and your overall web experience (branding, emails, social, blog posts, articles, integrations, guest content, ads and marketing come to mind off the top of my head), you will have built a platform that will directly cause your business to grow and thrive, rather than hamper your business while you struggle to pinpoint why it's losing money or draining all your time with no growth to show for it.

Remember, you're in business to create value for others, and that's also why you're building a website! I'm happy to say that just two months after we finished Gus' site, he signed with an agency. Now Gus has been doing excellent work for a long time, so we can't take too much credit for that, but it is a good example of helping your customers help you! And that's what good UX is all about.

Every business has different goals, different customers, a different brand identity, and a different budget. But hopefully Gus' example illustrates why it is such a good idea to aim high, understand your options, and achieve a customized solution that fits your ambitions perfectly -- even if you don't know one exists yet. We're here to make that happen for you.