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Project Overview

We got together with the lovely and kind Sue Stasny of Progression Leadership Coaching, to design and develop a website for business. Sue coaches tech-heavy managers who've been promoted into positions of authority due to their expertise, but who are not necessarily ready for the nuance and social hurdling implicit in leadership. When we presented the cool, calm, yet still warm and vibrant branding work to Sue, she was amazed at how it perfectly represented her personality and the ethos she aimed to convey. In fact, she told us about a beautiful cafe in the tropics that she and her husband had visited years ago, which they remember fondly and still remark on to this day for its color pallate and serene vibe. That color pallate, she says, is exactly what we "incepted" from her during our branding session. We always work hard to deliver a brand that precisely matches our clients' needs and expectations--but oftentimes we also benefit from a subconscious understanding and inspiration, as happened with Sue!

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