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Melody's Sweet Treats was the winner of my 500-follower celebration competition on Instagram! The idea of the competition was to reach more business owners who might be interested in my services, while at the same time giving back by providing a valuable free service to the winner, who would receive free branding and a free logo. For my logo projects, I tend to simmer in the ideation phase once branding is finished. That means I tend to come up with lots of ideas and choose to flesh out about 3 to present to the client. Then they choose their favorite! Melody chose the unicorn logo, which is soft, clean, and inspiring. But my personal favorite was actually the "triple-color" cotton candy logo, shown rendered on the bag here. That's the nice thing about art--there's no right or wrong, as long as the logo is on brand, memorable, and business-effectiveness. In this case, I think either of the logos would both represent the Melody's Sweet Treats brand perfectly, so it just comes down to a matter of taste! ;)

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