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Mon'Amie Janine Website UI/UX DesignMon'Amie Janine Website UI/UX DesignMon'Amie Janine Website UI/UX DesignMon'Amie Janine Website UI/UX DesignMon'Amie Janine Website UI/UX Design

Project Overview

Working with Janine Sickmeyer is a true treat, and makes us so glad that we do what we do. Janine is a wildly successful entrepreneur who started a legal tech Saas platform on her own, after being denied the opportunity for funding by 82 different venture capital firms. She learned to code and built a small team around her to launch her product, and several years later sold that platform to one of the biggest compenies in legal tech!

Janine is an inspiration to work with--and evidently to even hear about through the grape vive! She gets constant requests for brunch and coffee from entrepreneurs who want to pick her brain and learn her secrets. She started Monamie Janine as a platform to give advice to many people all at once, so that she can help others while avoiding piecemealing each and every conversation out to individuals with her incredibly busy schedule. We've worked with Janine for a couple of years now, and she is without a doubt the one person about whom we logically cannot figure out how she gets everything done that she does. We have a sneaking suspicion that she has a twin, at the very least. We're just glad to be a part of her team, and also a part of that "magic" that allows her to accomplish so much in a finite amount of time.

Oh, did we mention she has four (4) children under 4 years old?? Whether you're a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned executive, do yourself a favor and check out the Monamie Janine website for proven advice to make yourself more effective in your business!