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Project Overview

Popgig was an app we (Alex & Coumba) worked on while in college. We went to Middlebury, a school known for frigid weather and no Ubers. We had to get the word out that there was finally an app to help the good student populace overcome these setbacks when they needed help most--in the middle of a drunken stupor. We worked out the title and design, "Poggig: Late Night" to catch the party peoples' attention. The laid-back irony of such a title for what essentially came down to car rides, also helped to capture the fun attitude of our startup.

Where is Popgig now, you ask? Why can't you get food delivered or taxi service on demand? Because you can. Because most places aren't at all like Middlebury, a finer point we realized a little late in the launch process. We like to think back fondly on that time, though. It was an enriching experience putting so much work into a startup and learning all about the process and needs of technology firms in the App Era. In fact, the focus and real world experience we got over the years working on Popgig, from branding and design to coding and project management, is what naturally led us to start working with other companies on their technology and branding!

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