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Work Steady Logo DesignWork Steady Logo DesignWork Steady Logo DesignWork Steady Logo DesignWork Steady Logo Design

Project Overview

We developed logos, branding, and working collateral materials for the launch of Work Steady, an expansive project of the non-profit BCFS Health and Human Services. Work Steady is a trauma-focused work readiness program for youth leaving foster care.

After discussing key goals with the stakeholders, we identified that the logo and all materials should radiate stability, pride, and self-sufficiency without any hint of coddling, in order to most effectively engage with Gen Z youths on their own terms. Previous efforts by BCFS to reach this group had not connected well.

Our goal was to build a new visual identity and workshop materials for both participants and instructors, which delivered on the successful stability that young adults could achieve by participating in the program. The BCFS stakeholders were over the moon with the work Coumba Win delivered, and the Work Steady program is currently thriving.