We have a passion for creation.

Coumba Win is a design practice based in Burlington, Vermont. Over the years we've worked with some of the most disruptive companies in the world, building robust brand identities and pixel-perfect user experiences that have earned true leadership positions within and across verticals. Clients range from sole proprietors to leading Fortune 500 companies.

Our past results speak for themselves, including single-page revenue lifts of over $3.5M USD annually, 1000+% conversion rate bumps over previous generation designs, System Usability Scale improvements from F to A+, and Google accessibility score increases from F to A+. We are the secret weapon for partners of all industries and sizes, helping them grow into the digital age by building wildly creative products, irresistible brands and delightful experiences.

"Oh I just love this!...I LOVE the drawings and the collage style sections. Yay! It looks so rad. Great job!"

- Janine Sickmeyer, CEO, NextChapter & She Starts Up Host

We deliver industry-leading value to our partners by turning their best assets -- their users and customers -- into loyal brand fans. Your organization succeeds when the people it serves succeed. That's why we design market-beating customer success into each and every brand, product, and digital experience we touch.

"Loved how you made it dead easy to set that up on my calendar first thing, to set me up for success....This is sooo much better than anything else I’ve used. I thought it was going to be a terrible filter, like Amazon. And I nailed it first try, which was dope."

- Vince M., User Tester, Securities Training Corporation

Opportunities and internal processes are constantly churning, revolving around your customers, who are themselves always in flux. So in the case of blazing new trails, how should stakeholders know where to begin?

"I really appreciate you jumping on this so quickly, it’s fantastic! Everything looks great!! It was a pleasure working with you."

- Sarah Martin, Lead User Manager, Exabeam

The answer is design thinking. Design thinking is a process of structured, goal-oriented creative inquiry. Design thinking is not only the best solution to customer problems, it's the only solution to business problems. In fact, all competitive advantage is born of design thinking.

Our goal for the "Decade of Design" is to bring the ethic of joy back to the fore. Joy in creation, joy in identity, and joy in connection. We believe that passion is contagious, because passion is apparent.

"I LOVE the Home Page <3 – I LOVE all the pages – the imagery, colors, layout, all so great, thank you!!"

- Robin Ritz, Owner, InCord & Sleepless Dream

Our core service areas include UI/UX design, consulting, digital product design, brand experience, identity design, brand strategy, graphic design, environmental design, production design, and design management. We also offer full-spectrum digital services including marketing, advertising, social media, SEO, copywriting and illustration.

"It was absolutely my pleasure - Peter and Adam (and I!) are thrilled with the work you've done, as I anticipated. :)....The design hits the strategic marks really well."

- Jessie Angus, Owner, Crowd Proof

If you're a Vermonter (or happen to be visiting Burlington to enjoy the autumn leaves), you'll find us at our 255 South Champlain St, Suite 11 offices. Stop by if you'd like to discuss upcoming work for your organization, or just to say hi!

"It’s all wonderful, go go gadget copter (you may be too young for that reference). Carry on, precious peeps and do whatever needs to be done next. Thank you both!! So pleased. : ) This has been pleasant, easy and amusing."

- Abbi Waxman, Bestselling Author

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