I’m Coumba. I’ve been a visual creator for 10 years. 

My name literally means Creativity (no, really, it does). Coumba.win Design is my agency of talented design, development, marketing and business professionals, and together we create cutting edge web identities for businesses large and small.

Our specialties include Business Consulting, Branding, UX, UI/Graphic Design, Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Copywriting and Illustration. Additionally, we maintain relationships with some incredibly talented firms whose collective expertise spans just about every conceivable business and marketing realm. If we find that your company needs anything we don't handle personally, we'll make the right introduction.

We've done exciting and rewarding work with companies of all sizes, but we focus on young, high-stakes enterprises where our efforts have maximal impact. On the larger end are modern 'unicorn' companies busy rocketing through billion dollar valuations, like Exabeam and the Colibri Group. We also love working with ambitious mid-sized firms like NextChapter and Aerie, as well as smaller startups just beginning to develop their brand identities!

We use every ounce of creativity and business strategy in our multidisciplinary arsenal to help clients unlock hidden value in their digital identities. That translates to rapid sales growth, surging cashflow, better products, and a beast-mode step into the all-powerful 'domino-effect'.

Now that you know what we do, I'll share with you a little about me personally--my being the 'face of the company' and all. This should give you a flavor for my firm's personality, and what it's like to work with us! Prepare to enjoy (endure?) a series of disjointed facts about the giant floating head above:

I was born in Tambacounda, Senegal
I was raised in Buffalo, NY
I love pro wrestling
Yes, I know it's "fake"
I speak Mandarin Chinese
I wrote 3 full length (unpublished) novels before turning 18
I went to Middlebury College for Economics and Chinese
I hate Economics
Don't worry, my co-founder Alex (Middlebury Econ and Math) loves it
I live in Burlington, Vermont
I was the CEO of an App company
It failed
I learned why it failed
I'm the CEO of Coumba.win Design
We're kicking ass!