I’m Coumba Winfield, and I have a passion for creation.

My name literally means Creativity (no, really, it does). Coumba.win Design is my agency of talented design, development, branding, and marketing professionals.

At Coumba.win our primary deliverable is business results. Our power lies in an agile UX-first approach and our exhaustive working knowledge of the freshest and most efficient tech stacks for your company's needs.

Our core areas include Business Consulting, Branding, UX, UI/Graphic Design, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Copywriting and Illustration.

We've done exciting and rewarding work with companies of all sizes. On the larger end are modern 'unicorn' companies busy rocketing through billion dollar valuations, like Exabeam and the Colibri Group. We also love working with ambitious and innovative mid-sized firms like NextChapter and Aerie, as well as smaller startups just beginning to develop their brand identities and business models.

Coumba.win's cofounders are Coumba Winfield (myself), design and branding lead, and Alex Myerson who heads up development, UX, and business consulting. In addition to our creative talents, we are both formally trained Middlebury College Economics geeks. This might explain out obsession with business results for our clients.

Our process levereges a powerful mix of academic theory and modern web reality, and is built from the ground up for digital success.

What is success with Coumba.win? That depends on your business and goals. In general, we like to gear our solutions toward cutting-edge production, high-efficiency outreach, and rapid sales growth.

Are you ready to Win the web? Reach out today!

Email hello@coumba.win or press 'HIRE' above to fill out our contact form. We'll be in touch within 24 hours. Can't wait to hear from you!